Lady Kayoko Hamasaki

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Hilde Heyvaert

Name - Kayoko Hamasaki

Image:Kayoko.jpg picture by Pieter Vanhaecke

Clan - Daeva (Status 2 - Relatively well known in Belgium)

Age - Neonate, but exact age is not known.

Location - Currently Belgium, but she mainly resides in London.

Specialties - European Witchcraft, Shinto religion, fashion design, Rituals, the Occult and Cruac.

Brief history - She specialises in Wiccan and other so called types of "Hedge" magics, working with the Wiccan principle of the Power of Three and worshipping the Earth Goddess, Hecate. Despite her young age (she is a neonate), she is quite well known thoughout the Covenant as a very adept sorceress and creator of new rituals. Most rather combat oriented, but some are based towards healing and art.

Often it is whispered that she possesses a great power beyond Cruac, that is better compared with the power of a mortal Mage. To some extent, she has already admitted to people to possess a special magical aptitude which she often uses to sense other supernaturals present or approaching. With this power she has previously sensed the imminent arrival of both La BĂȘte and Corrado Darcena of the Ordo Dracul, so people do wonder what else exactly this young witch can "feel" in her surroundings.

As a Daeva, she is fairly approachable but even to other Crones, she remains largely a mystery. And the rituals created by her often stay a well kept secret within her own Coven and Coterie.

Amongst the mortal society, she immediately stands out because of her rather striking looks and more eccentric style of dress, which is very orientaly and traditionally Japanese influenced.

Currently she is the Crone High Priestess of Belgium, leading the Covenant after the fall (in which she played an instrumental role) of her Sire, Jack Waterhouse whom is the ex-Hierarch over Belgium. Within the Crone she has recently become rather controversial because of her relationship with her younger brother David Raes, evil tongues worship of blood addiction and treachery. Kayoko, however, refuses comment.

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